We regularly carry out insurance reinstatement cost assessments (often referred to as 'insurance valuations' or re-build valuations) on behalf of residential clients, commercial clients and property management companies. We offer a professional service with a site visit in order to measure the property and understand it's unique features. We subscribe to the RICS Building Cost Information Service ('BCIS') which is widely recognised by the construction industry and insurance providers as being the leading source of building cost data. We also draw on our own experience of projects and costs in order to fine tune our assessments. 



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Found a cheaper quote?

Before you sign up to a cheaper quote, ask a few questions........are they going to visit the property?......will the assessment be carried out by a Chartered Surveyor? much experience do they have?........will they use BCIS data?

Getting an accurate figure for your building insurance is paramount!! Under-insurance can lead to your insurer not paying out in full when you make a claim.

With Samways Surveying Ltd you are guaranteed to get the services of a fully qualified Chartered Building Surveyor who will personally come and assess your property. 


Need to claim on your insurance?

We regularly deal with remedial works to residential and commercial properties on behalf of our clients in emergency situations such as following a fire, water escape, storm damage etc. We can diagnose the problem, specify the necessary repair works, deal with procurement and liaise with the insurer's loss adjuster to ensure every aspect of the repair work is included in your insurance claim.